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Subcommittees (where the work actually gets done):

Data Management / Curation:

The Data Management and Curation Subcommittee helps to develop and oversee the University’s institutional strategy in support of research data management. One of their main goals is to make available tools that can be used for determining which practices are most appropriate for particular types of data, as well as advising the UA administration on how to improve in this area.

Chair: Chris Kollen 

For more information, visit the page about Data Management / Curation.

HPC 2019:

HPC 2019 Subcommittee handles the preparation of the HPC progression into 2020. They decide what to add and change regarding updating the system, including: purchasing, designing, and implementing the new HPC system.

Chair: Blake Joyce

For more information, visit the page about HPC 2019.

HPC Policies:

The HPC Policies Subcommittee is in charge of setting policies for the use of the RDC supercomputers. This subcommittee helps encourage buy-ins with the HPC systems and devise a 5-10 year vision for the HPC systems.

Chair: Susan Miller

For more information, visit the page about HPC Policies.