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RDCCLS is charged with providing strategic direction, establishing guidelines and policies for ensuring efficient and effective utilization of existing data center facilities. RDCCLS is also changed with developing a roadmap and evaluating options for supporting the projected needs and demands for additional RDC capabilities to support UA research mission and goals.



  1. Guidelines and Policies for current RDC usage
    • Process and procedure for obtaining RDC allocation
    • Duties and responsibilities (technical documentation) for RDC utilization
    • Managing pre allocation, proposal requests
  2. Roadmap for managing RDC growth for next 3 to 5 years
    • Survey of peer institutions (5 institutes)
    • Cataloging growth area/disciplines/projects that will need additional RDC capacity
    • Survey options for availability of space on and off campus
    • Establish initial rubric for evaluating options for RDC growth
    • Initial assessment of technology needs for future RDC needs (power, cooling, network, security etc.)