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Data curation is the active and on-going management of research data through its lifecycle.

Data management plan suggestions


The Data Management and Curation Committee is charged with helping to develop and oversee the University’s institutional strategy in support of research data management. The Committee will help to establish tools and policies for the management and curation of research data, will work with stakeholders to make available tools that can be used for determining which practices are most appropriate for particular types of data, and provide advice to the UA administration on optimal strategies going forward. 



  • Develop recommendations of additional data management and curation services to provide, partly based on the survey, by fall 2014
  • Conduct an inventory of research data stored in labs and offices by faculty and researchers [start with one college as a pilot] by October 2014
  • Develop a recommendation on a data storage service for faculty and graduate students to provide, based on the survey and on the inventory, by December 2014.