Mapping and Metrics (M&M)


The Mapping and Metrics Subcommittee is charged with identifying and assessing the significant research computing facilities at the UA. The purpose is to assemble a fuller picture of the research computing infrastructure, specifically going beyond the HPC, in order to provide more comprehensive assessment of what facilities are available, who is using them, how much they are being utilized, etc.



  1. Mapping of Research Computing Facilities
    1. Identification of research computing facilities
    2. Characterization of each research computing facility
      1. Data elements to be determined
    3. Mapping of the set of research computing facilities, showing interconnections where relevant
      1. Form of "mapping" to be determined
    1. Establishment of process for keeping the mapping current
  2. Metrics of Research Computing Facilities
    1. Identification of relevant metrics
    2. Assessment of availability of metrics
    3. Capture of available metrics
    4. Recommendations for improving the capture of metrics
    5. Summary of metrics values
    6. Establishment of ongoing process for capturing, analyzing, and reporting metrics
    7. Establishment of ongoing process for monitoring changes necessary to improve metrics